Tom Hron grew up in Northern Minnesota with a .22 rifle in one hand and The Call of the Wild in the other.  He dreamed of the day when he could go on his own adventures.

He learned to fly single and multiengine airplanes, floatplanes, and helicopters, which he's flown in Alaska and Canada throughout his life.  He started a Cessna dealership, and his business was recognized as the best source for bush planes, which he sold around the world. 

He set up a second dealership in Anchorage at Lake Hood, the world’s biggest seaplane base, where he worked for 20 years.  Afterward, he fulfilled another dream of his, writing novels.  Penguin in New York gave him a contract for the historical series, Whispers of the River, Whispers of the Mountain, and Whispers of the Wind.  He continued to explore Alaska, which led to his invention, the PackAlarm, a pocket-sized, seven-ounce camping alarm.  In addition to his own encounters with them, two people he knew were killed in their tent by a grizzly near the Beaufort Sea.  He now sells his alarm worldwide. 

Friends asked him to write a bear safety book to go along with the PackAlarm, so he wrote Fighting for your Life: Man-eater Bears, which has become a best seller.  In 2012, he published a spy-thriller, The Kill Button, on Kindle, and now he's released River of Bones, an action-thriller about two Alaskan bush pilots who sneak in Siberia in search of rose-colored diamonds.  A beautiful Russian blond lures them into something that might get both of them killed. 

Tom spends his summers in Alaska looking for gold, something else he's always wanted to do, and his real-life adventures inspire his stories.


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